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Tabak Business Sales Market Update - February 2018

Will 2018 be your year?

Tabak Business Sales Market Update - December 2017

How ready are you to buy a business? What’s a good price for a business?

Tabak Business Sales Market Update – November 2017

New Government – New Opportunities

Tabak Business Sales Market Update October 2017

Choosing the right business for you to buy.

Tabak Business Sales Update - August 2017

“Price” is what you pay – “Value” is what you get.

Business Sales Update – May 2015

Even though the colder weather is starting to set in – it is hard to forget the unbelievably good round of weather we’ve experienced in New Zealand since the start of the year.

Business Sales Market Update - February 2015

Whether you’re looking to buy, start or expand a business you’ll need money. And the two broad ways in which this can be done is by raising a loan or capital.

Business sales market update - January 2015

Great Start to 2015

Business sales market update - December 2014

Resounding Election Victory brings Renewed Confidence

Inflation, Interest Rates and Borrowing

It’s now coming up to 6 months since we started TBK Capital, and you may recall in our early publicity we said in our view inflation is not dead – simply hibernating.

Securing Funding in Today's Market

The ramifications of the current turmoil in the global financial markets are yet to become clear, so I’ve held off sending my August economic Capital Comment newsletter until things settle down.

China, Bubbles, Inflation and Opportunities

Capital Comment Newsletter: June 2011


Capital Comment Newsletter: March 2011

Inflation, interest rates and opportunities

TBK View Newsletter: January 2011

Looking Back - and Forward

TBK View Newsletter: December 2010

Quantitative Easing, an uncertain future, and opportunities

TBK View Newsletter: November 2010

Under Pressure

TBK View Newsletter: October 2010

Caution offshore – good to be home

TBK View Newsletter: September 2010