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Business sales market update - January 2015

Great Start to 2015

We’ve been greeted in the New Year with excellent weather and renewed confidence in the economy. The share market is up, inflation is down, petrol prices are down and house prices are up - increasing home owners’ equity for no effort whatsoever.

We also expect to start seeing the “new normal”.  Many businesses had fluctuating performances during the global financial crisis.  In many cases, businesses increased operating costs prior to 2008/9 and found it difficult to reduce those once the GFC impacted revenue. The result of this was that robust and proactive businesses survived, while others didn’t.   

This doesn’t mean that good businesses didn’t feel the pinch.  Believe me – they did! But, what is very evident is that the trails of the GFC created some excellent systems and processes in many businesses.  We are seeing that some of these businesses are now more streamlined and therefore more able to be increasingly profitable.


We are also seeing that the 2015 financial year is going to deliver the second consecutive growth year for many of these businesses.  Thus – the “new normal”. 


These changes should provide purchasers with increased confidence.  It is an old cliché – but it will allow the purchaser to spend more time working on the business as apposed to in the business.  There is now less of a need to rebuild and more of an opportunity to grow.


Would you like to be a Business Broker?


At Tabak, we see 2015 as the start of a significant growth phase in the Business Sales market.  When speaking with our partners in the banking, finance, legal and accountings sectors the message is clear - momentum is picking up. As such, we are now looking to talk to suitably qualified individuals interested in becoming business brokers.  We have a number of opportunities available throughout the country – ranging from Business Broker opportunities to Licensed Territory Ownership opportunities. For example:


- Licensed Territory – Rodney & Northland;

- Specialist Resort & Hospitality Broker – Hamilton; and

- Licensed Territory – Selected South Island Regions.


If you would like to explore these or other opportunities further, please register your interest and we can arrange a suitable time to discuss this further.


Kind Regards,



Alex Smith BBS, BA (Hons)

Partner - Tabak Business Sales

Licensed under REAA 2008

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